Monday waves looking fun early

Posted by: on September 28th, 2015

Hello Friends,

Swell is fading but this morning’s early session saw close to 2 metres of 10-second SSE swell, minimal wind and sunny skies. Set wave faces at Dee Why ranged from shoulder plus on the biggest ones at the point to head and a bit on the beachy bombs. School holidays are delivering reasonable population levels too. Tide will be high at 0800 and then back to low at 1405.

Wind outlook is for the southerly to pick up and get into the 10-15 kt range later before swinging onshore (SE to NE) this afternoon. So, as usual, get in early or put up with choppy and junky later.

Speaking of later, the swell is going to fade away over the next day or so and thereafter it looks like small to marginal for as far ahead as the models project. So get in if you can – and if you can’t have top old day anyway!

dy point surfer

The crew watches as a little set arrives 0615

dy surfer

This one ran a good 100 metres

dy surfer

More consistent and a touch bigger along the beach than the point

dy surfer

A set wave looking fun at the point 0620

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