Messy and small under grey skies

Posted by: on October 8th, 2015

Hello Friends,

Steady ESE wind as of 0700 and it’s not making a pretty picture where Dee Why’s concerned. A couple of hours earlier, the MHL Sydney buoy was registering 2 metres of 9-sec S-SSE wind swell. So it’s not totally flat, but that onshore is making a mess of it.

Tomorrow and Saturday look slightly more hopeful because the wind call is for a standard issue 15-20 kt NEr. With any luck it won’t be too breezy for the early sessions. Plus, the dull skies should be giving way to more aesthetic partly cloudy conditions – and it’ll be in the mid-twenties.

Keep on smilin’ folks and have a great day!

dy beach

No takers at No Mans as of 0700

dy beach

Scrappy and too small to draw any interest as of 0700

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