Scrappy and full early but small waves

Posted by: on February 25th, 2016

Hello Friends,

Case of morning sickness at the point and along the beach at Dee Why this morning. Wind was north about 4-8 kts when I took the picture but the forecast tells us it’ll be 15-20 kts from the N-NE soon enough. At 0400 the MHL buoy recorded the swell coming from the NE. It was 2 metres but the average period was only 7 seconds.
Tide will be high at 1050, so conditions aren’t likely to improve much before the wind ratchets up. Looks like the best prospects will be in the north corners.
The strong NE’r is set to go overnight and then to switch southerly early in the morning. At the same time, the swell is expected to pulse up from the NE. If the models have it right, the average period will jump too, so protected south corners could be the plan.
On Saturday the Bureau says the wind’ll be SE 15-25 kts and that we’ll have a combo of easterly and southerly swell energy under cloudy, showery skies. The Bureau says surf conditions will be ‘deceptively powerful’ too. According to the modellers, average periods could be in the 14-15 sec range.
It’ll be interesting to see the Goat’s take on the coming week because it looks to me like early in the period will be better than later…
Good luck if you’re able to go wave hunting today and have yourself a top old time!

dy point

Lumpy bumps coming in every now and again

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