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Posted by: on March 22nd, 2016

Hello Friends,

Put this post together last night because I expect to be on the road by the time I usually file. Last night just before dusk kicked in, I grabbed a couple of video clips of the point. Looked sorta fun for the 20 odd in the water, albeit a bit lumpy and slowish. At that point the swell was around 2 metres at 10 seconds from 147 degrees (SE). Wind was light and the rain had backed off. Sets were reasonably consistent.

The Bureau’s call for this morning is for more showers and slightly less swell. Figure around 1.5 metres from SE. The big issue’s going to be the period. MHL is predicting 8 seconds or so and that would mean sets about 2/3 to half what they were at dark on Monday. Of more concern is the call for wind to be southerly 15-20 kts.

Tide’s going to be high at 0835 and then back to low at 1500 today. There’s an 80% chance of more rain to add to the woofiness factor (everywhere from Newport to the Shire was considered likely to have pollution).

All and all it’s looking like a good day to not be able to surf (says he who definitely can’t!)

Although the models are calling for it to be smaller (waist-ish) on Wednesday, the weather should be better and we might even have some offshore wind. But Thursday’s looking more promising still with more east to the swell, slightly longer periods (10-12s) and a sunny skies to cook all the bacteria floating around in the water after that rain. With luck the goodness could last into Friday…

Have yourself a top old Tuesday and get up to some good where you can!

Here’s the first clip:

And here’s the second:

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