Tiny high tide bumps at Dee Why

Posted by: on May 6th, 2016

Hello Friends,

Back in Sydney again and it looks as though waves have maybe come up a tiny bit. MHL buoy data was showing a metre of SE at close to 12 seconds. Skies are clear and wind is light – and likely to stay that way today. Tide was high at 0735 and will be low at 1340. So, should be some little waves around the place at the magnet spots. I reckon knee to waist-ish for the most part with maybe something more impressive on the bombs.
The Goat has an awful lot on his plate this week, so not sure if he’ll be able to give us the benefit of his considerable wisdom. For what it’s worth, it looks as though we could see the swell bump up a touch this weekend and the end of next week looks interesting on some of the models – but not all…
Might have a few pics later… we’ll see…
Have a top old day!

dy surfer

Little line along the point at 0800

dy surfer

Tried but couldn’t catch this one on the inside

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