Thumping swell and bigger tomorrow

Posted by: on May 24th, 2016

Hello Friends,
Now that’s annoying. Went out and shot pics at a heap of spots for you this morning only to get home and find the memory card had carked utterly and completely. So they’re off to pixel heaven and you’re none the wiser. Sorry, but will just have to make do with the crowsnest shots for now.
What I can tell you is that we have a very straight and juicy south swell hitting most of the beaches.
Manly was best at the Queensie end, but pretty straight and only rarely makeable for any distance. Few people were out at the Bower too, although consistency would be a real problem.
Curly was uncrowded, and for good reason, the joint was shutting down 99.9% of the time. Size was comfortably overhead on the big ones too.
Dee Why point was busy as you’d expect with a bit of a wait for the head plus sets, but not super bad. Kinda fat on the incoming tide, but some fun walls now and again.
Dee Why beach and No Mans were just long, lined-up shutdowns with the sets being as big as at Curly.
Longy actually had some makeable ones on occasion at the Lugga. Looked like the bombies hadn’t fired up quite yet, but I didn’t stick around to see a bomb set, so I’d expect them to get going.
Swell’s coming from the SSE and at 0800 was 2 metres at 10 seconds. Bureau expects it to come up some more and tomorrow it’s talking 3-5 metres. Wind should be W-SW 15-20 kts today. Tide’s high at 0950. Gonna be sunny too.
Have a great Tuesday and check back later in case I got some more pics!

dy point surfers

Occasional makeable littler ones on the beachy, plenty of folks in the water at the point

dy point surfer

In between size set wave at the point 0900

no mans lines

Lotsa lines, lotsa thumping shutdowns along no mans

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