Late afternoon piccies from the point and bombies

Posted by: on May 25th, 2016

Hello Friends,

Watched the point from about 1500 to 1545 this afternoon and can tell you there were still some substantial sets in the mix at Dee Why point. Unfortunately the quality was not great. Yes, if you were in the right spot, there were some speedy sections and lots of face to play with, but overall it was very lumpy and raw – like this morning. The folks in the water were wearing lots of bombs for only occasionally fun looking in between ones.
Meanwhile there were half a dozen out at the Longy bombies where the rights looked better than the lefts. Not small out there either.
Tomorrow should see the wind being W to NW and the swell falling back into the 1-2 metre range by midday, that said, there could still be a few bomb sets for the early morning crew. Whether it’ll be any cleaner than today, remains to be seen. Tide will be at 1120 and there could be some rain to start the day.
The latest models are showing the swell fading almost to flat by Friday morning, before a new 1.5-2m pulse arrives overnight for Saturday.
Have a great Wednesday evening everyone!

dy point surfer

Hard to make the section on the bombs at 1510

long reef bombies

Tiny ripple out the back at the bombies

dee why point surfer

Lumpoville at the point this afternoon

dee why point

Looking for a cover at the point around 1530

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