It’s a lake in Sydney

Posted by: on July 3rd, 2016

Hello Friends,

The ocean looks as flat as a coalition marginal seat-holder’s mood after Saturday. The MHL buoy is showing not quite a metre of dead south bump at about 8 seconds apart. I’d be surprised if you could get anything less than a SUP to propel you shoreward. Throw in the high tide at the start of the day, and despite the wind being light and offshore under clear skies, you have a recipe for not much surfin’
And from what the models project, it would seem that the hopeless flatness will persist until late in the week. From about Thursday onward though, things look intriguing. Certainly there could be a fair amount of straight south energy about the place. Wind call is for strong SSW early and the swell, if the models have it picked, could be around the 5 metre mark and 10+ seconds. Yikes.
Meanwhile on my side of the pond the energy levels have dropped away for northern Ventura and Santa Barbara county. Yesterday I got in the water at California street where there were some fat chest plus sets, light sideshore wind (rare) and not that many people (even rarer). Today however, the sw swell was pretty much gone. Still, I grabbed a couple postcards to share…

south of hobsons

4th of July weekend and the city bus sized RVs stretch for miles along the beachfront in northern Ventura

hobsons tiny conditions

Only weak little wind swell chop showing at Hobson’s in north Ventura county

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