Back to marginal numbers for awhile in Sydney

Posted by: on July 12th, 2016

Hello Friends,

At 0200 the MHL Sydney buoy was show a metre of 8 second east wind swell. Wind was NNW 8-10 kts. Tide’s low at 0800.
The Bureau has issued a gale warning for the Sydney coast for NW 20-30 kts of wind. Wind should swing westerly overnight and then go back NW and up to 30-36 kts tomorrow morning. Swell should start to come back up late tomorrow and Thursday’s looking like 20-30 kts of westerly with 2-3 metres of south swell. Could be a few protected south corners happening…
Hey and a big shout out to Doug for the pictures from yesterday at the point.
Longer range outlook is for waves of some description into the weekend.
I’ve grabbed a couple of postcards from Cali for you, but first I thought I’d share this image from the WRL cam at south Narrabeen. It was taken maybe a couple hours before low tide yesterday evening and you can really see how the council’s new seawall has gobbled up the beach in front of the protected properties. I bet the water’ll be against the rocks at high tide for the winter months from now on and there’ll probably be times when it’s impassable even at low tide. Maybe council could build some steps and a footpath across the top of it so the public can continue to saunter along the water from Collaroy to Narrabeen…

collaroy narrabeen beaches

New headland for Collaroy-Narrabeen beach(es) (image WRL)

From Santa Cruz to the Mexican border you’d be hard pressed to find anything above shoulder high. And mostly it’s way smaller than that in California today. Herewith a couple of snaps to give you a feel for what your wave-starved webmaster faces…


South of Malibu, on the edge of a city of 3.8 million, little lines wrap into Topanga State Beach

shell beach

Shell beach is on California’s central coast just north of Pismo beach about half way between LA and San Francisco

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