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Posted by: on July 29th, 2016


Seven day outlook for Sydney

Those offshores we’ve been having look like continuing through next week too.  So surf conditions generally should be pretty good…depending on the surf.

Surf outlook… is also for more of the same same…Ie up and down and up as the WSW swells come across the Great Australian Bight and up around the corner, with most continuing out into the Tasman Sea but also sending some pulses up to us.  Ain’t Nature grand? ?

At this early stage it looks like it might be at it’s grandest around next Friday.  Even on the smaller days keep your eye out for the sets.

Saturday: around 1 1+ metres and nice for mals at places open to swell from the South, starting to come up through the day

Sunday: in the 1-2 metre range at dead South for sets

Monday: down a bit but watch for sets

Tuesday: say around 1 metre or so

Wednesday: coming up in the 2-3 metre range dead South places, some should get into protected corners too

Thursday: up more…3-4 metre range dead South

Friday: well early days atm but let’s say we could be looking at 5, 6 or more metre swells from South East. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Water temp is slowly getting cooler, down to around 18,19.

Stay well. Stay safe.


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