Postcards from Cali: late afternoon at Deveraux point

Posted by: on January 18th, 2017

Hello Friends,
Your jetlagged correspondent checked the conditions just on dusk at a spot near the University of California at Santa Barbara. It’s a point called Deveraux and it will pick up most winter swell action and hold it across all tides. Quality is in the fun not scary category and I was stoked to see that tomorrow after the travel fog’s worn off, I should be able to get a little something.
As the pics showed, it was a busy waist to chest plus with glassy late afternoon conditions.
Have a great day and catch you tomorrow!

Late afternoon light

Long lines from far away, SUP rider hunts fun with Santa Cruz island in the background

Distinct sets coming into Deveraux late afternoon, Tuesday

Busy but if you’re in the spot

Heading out to catch some waves on a late winter afternoon in Isla Vista, Calfifornia

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