Postcards from Cali: swell, yes…but

Posted by: on January 23rd, 2017

After joining the Womens’ March (against Trumpism) in Santa Barbara I had just enough time to go for a look at surf prospects up the coast. First stop was El Capitan, a quality right that only breaks occasionally (winter only). As the pics below reveal, it was pretty busy in the 13 degree water under cloudy and cold (12) skies. The top of the point was pretty sketchy as the swell combo was alternately standing waves up or making them suddenly burger out. Would’ve been cold, hard work to surf, but every now and then you’d see someone pick up a screamer. The nearby surf options were not in the same league, which is why everyone was at El Cap.
Today’s been raining steadily, so haven’t been out for a look. Swell’s faded, but we’re supposed to get another brief big pulse tomorrow, so hope to get a snap or two to share.
Sorry, no thoughts about Sydney conditions today, but from what I’ve seen of the indicators, you’re probably looking at Ne spots only and then maybe chest on the biggest ones…
Have a good one!

Power drive at El Cap

Way inside, the wave stands up ahead of the shutdown

Another fun cutty, El Cap

el cap surfer

Getting some drive at El Cap

El Cap

The gang on it at El Capitan as swell peaks

santa barbara

Size, but crumbly at Lorraines, West Santa Barbara


Lumpy crossed up stuff at Deveraux point

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