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The Goat’s Surf Forecast
Surf forecast issued Thursday 23 February 2017: Seven day outlook for Sydney:

Well we’ve had some nice weather …and ordinary waves. ..

Now, based on the Bureau’s current weather outlook, and after TG has digested the info he swallowed from his long range over the horizon binoculars and crystal ball (there’s a picture for you),  it looks like we might have coming our way ….some ordinary weather…and some ordinary short period low quality waves!  Yum.
I can either tell you what you want to hear, or I can tell you the truth…
No use sugar coating it for you..
Friday: around the middle of the 1-2 metre range East North East, might be alright in the morning before the wind turns S / SE
Saturday: starting to come up at places that get dead South swell,  but with little quality, no pulse to it and windy and choppy
Sunday: in the 1-2 metre range East North East with onshore wind
Monday: pretty much ditto
Tuesday: down a bit in the 1-2 metre range East North East onshoreish
Wednesday: and ditto
Thursday: 1-2 metre range East with onshore
Have fun.  Keep smiling!
TG 😊

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