Postcards from Cali: break in the weather

Posted by: on February 23rd, 2017

It rained pretty much all day yesterday, but right on dusk there was a break and I headed out for a look at the situation. Swell had cleaned up quite a bit after being very junky all day and there was even a little wan late afternoon sunshine. I checked west of Santa Barbara (closer than Rincon and less traffic) at El Capitan State Park and west Goleta. El Cap had maybe 20 people in the water chasing shoulder to head plus sets. Not perfect by any means, but certainly well above average quality for that place is a small crowd. Back in west Goleta one of my fave reef wonderlands was totally human-free and solidly head plus on the frequent multi-wave sets. Not possible for me to fit in a surf, so I took a few snaps to share…

Inside El Cap

El Capitan State Park, California, looking tasty

Seascape with no humans

Head plus at Deadmans

Haskells beach

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