Goat’s over-the-horizon edition

Posted by: on September 22nd, 2017

(The Goat’s on the road, but he’s pulled over and examined the entrails for our surf prospects from afar)
TGs Surf Forecast
Surf forecast issued Thursday 21 September 2017. Seven day outlook for Sydney.

Warm weekend ahead, then a bit if a cooler change for the start of the NSW school holidays. Qld kids have been on hols for a week already.

And, I believe it’s the start of SLSA Patrols. So please, stay in the flags if you’re swimming / bodysurfing and stay outside the buffer zone flags if you’re on a hard board. That way less experienced, younger, and older people can safely get wet, and everyone has fun.

Friday: smaller than today, say lower end of the 1-2 metre range East North East

Saturday: 1 metre or less Eastish

Sunday: 1 metre or so North East

Monday: 1 metre or less North East

Tuesday: ditto

Wednesday: 1 metre or so due South places

Thursday: ditto

Water temp is around 18 or so.

Weather is here


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