Postcards from the far north

Posted by: on July 15th, 2018

Hello Friends,

At 0400 Sydney was seeing 2.8 metres of SSE swell at 10 seconds apart. Wind was coming from the west at 10-12 knots and air temp up at Terry Hills was a bitterly cold 2.9 degrees! Swell is predicted to fade across the day, but from the numbers I reckon you’re in with a chance through to maybe midday tomorrow…
And now some postcards

There are dozens of these fencelines running off the shore and out hundreds of metres on the mudflats.

locals were out in numbers

Looking WSW from Jutland to the North Atlantic.

First time I’ve seen the ocean in days. The tide was out, so there was probably a km or two of mudflats between the shore and the sea. The pictures were taken at a spot called Mando Island on the west coast of Denmark. It’s in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park and the tiny 7 km sq island is reached at low tide via a narrow causeway. The pictures were taken after 9 pm with the sun still above the horizon. Wind was blowing from the west and temps were mild considering how far north we are. But the entire northern hemisphere is experiencing unprecedentedly high temperatures. Climate change continues its inexorable march…

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