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Posted by: on August 23rd, 2018

Hello Friends,

On the Pacificc Highway headed home as I write this. Got up this morning to find the point at Crescent Head just flickering. There wasn’t anything at the top of the point, but out from the clubhouse the SUP riders were dominating the occasional waist high waves.

Charging one at Crescent 0730 

Decided to look in at North Haven on the off chance there’d be something interesting. No one in the water and a few locals messing about in the carpark told the story. The open beach had waves, but no discernible peaks and up next to the breakwall there were occasional little sections, but they were very few and far between.

Plausible little section North Haven

Bonny Hills mal waves with the odd interesting one.

Around lunch time we pulled off the road for a look at Old Bar and the point. The open stretches were just starting to blow out and the point was pretty small (again, the SUPs had the best of it). We did see a spectacular Regent Bowerbird, but of course the camera was not to hand.

SUP riders messing about at Saltwater 1045

The point looking marginal at low tide…

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