Tiny but not totally flat

Posted by: on October 22nd, 2018

Hello Friends,

Had a look early and can tell you that as of 0630 the centre zone of the Longy to Dee Why stretch was seeing weak knee to waist high bumps with smooth conditions under early morning grey skies. Around at the Collaory to Narrabeen stretch, apsrt from a couple of hopefuls at south Narrabeen, the only place with a wave was up at the north end.
As of 0400 the MHL buoy was showing 1.3 m of 9-sec SE and as of 0715 wind was light SSW. It should eventually get around to the NE by this afternoon. The weather should clear up too and we’re expecting a high of 23.
Tomorrow morning should be similar but warmer and waves could be around the same intensity.
Outlook for the rest of the work week is equally ho-hum. Ah well, that’s spring for ya.
Have a great Monday everyone!

South Narrabeen undistinguished

Northy crew at 0630

Soft little peak at Kiddies

Slo-mo south of the Lugga

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