The Goat’s Surf Forecast

Posted by: on October 25th, 2018
Waves of varying sorts in the coming week. Water temp is very slowly creeping up and warmer water is still offshore but coming closer. Might even attract me back in after being away in warmer climes.
Friday: down a little from today but still in 1-2 metre range East South East
Saturday: up in the 1-2 metre range at places open to dead South
Sunday: up some more, into the 2-3 metre range at dead South places
Monday: still up, with some oomphy sets, and probably coming into protected corners
Tuesday: down a little, around 2 metres South East with some sets
Wednesday: down some more  – around 1 metre Eastish
Thursday: around 1 metre North East South East
Have fun. Stay safe.
Up in the Air
Down in the Sea
Water temp is around 19-20.   Warmer water is coming closer but the whales are still a long way offshore yet.
Weather from the Bureau:

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