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Posted by: on November 12th, 2018

WRL cam from this morning – no surf to speak of at south Narra

Hello Friends,
A light SE breeze when I checked conditions in Sydney (from the other side of the planet) around 1020. From the look of the WRL cam pic at south Narrabeen, the sub 1 metre 10-11 sec SSE bump wasn’t producing much of interest on a sunny Sydney morning. Ocean temp is around 20C and you’re going to a high of 25.
Surf prospects look pretty grim for the next few days, but there is some hope for maybe a little uptick on Thursday. The long range models (some) indicate that the front half of next week might actually get interesting…
No postcard from Cali this morning, but I can report that skies are smoky from the bad fires north and south of us. No decent swell in the outlook here until maybe late next week… so bah on that. Seems that California – or at least the bit I’m in – isn’t going to have much of an autumn where surf’s concerned.
Have a great day!

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