Combo swell possibilities and postcards from Calli

Posted by: on November 16th, 2018

Hello Friends,
As of 0720 wind was SSW about 5kts in Sydney and the MHL buoy was seeing a combo of stuff from 30 degrees and 162-168 degrees for a total of 2 metres at 8 seconds. Should be some waist plus stuff at magnet spots I’d say. Definitely worth a quick look around just in case the Goat’s been a little too gloomy…
Santa Barbara’s still languishing in the ankle high range, but down south at Trestles it looks textured but fun – lucky pups.
I’m pinning my faint hopes on a little pulse tomorrow… but we’ll see…
Have a great Friday everyone!

Leadbetter point ankle high in Santa Barbara

Fun size at Lower Trestles

0530 WRL cam pic of sth Narra – could be worth a look around

Ventura a bit bigger than Santa Barbara, but sideshore

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