Gorgeous morning along the beaches

Posted by: on December 24th, 2018

South Curly at 0815, full but still fun looking

Dee Why point swamped by the high tide

Rather busy at Kiddies 0820

Very fat at Kiddies

Hello Friends,

What a stunning start to Christmas eve. Light breezes, sunny skies, mild temps and, despite a big high tide, some waves to go with it. I checked Curly and Dee Why this morning and can report that as of 0820-0830, the former was the pick. Waves at south Curly were into the chest range on sets, while around at Dee Why it was struggling to make waist high at Kiddies. Didn’t really study the Longy end, but I’d guess it would be maybe a touch better.

Wind was offshore when I looked and the Bureau tells us it should stay reasonably benign all morning before turning light NE in the afternoon. The MHL buoy was showing 1.4 m at 8 seconds from 152-154° (SSE) as of 0600.

Tide is coming into a very swampy 2.02 m at 1010. It’ll then drain rapidly away to a 0.15 m low at 1650. Weather is set to be toasty and sunny all week with temps along the coast near the 30 mark from tomorrow through to next weekend.

Looking at the surf prospects, I see no reason to update yesterday’s call for standard issue summer conditions, ie NE wind building up in the afternoons and clean but potentially tide-affected knee to waist high short period wind bumps for the early sessions.

Have a great Monday!

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