Drizzly morning for the runners

Posted by: on February 2nd, 2019

Curly looking sizable but too messy at 0630Hello Friends,

Out for a drive this morning to check it conditions ahead of the ABC 702 Weekend show gig. As you can see, there’s not much to recommend in the way of surf. Curly was a stormy looking mess and the Collaroy Narrabeen stretch was equally unattractive. The only place I saw anyone in the water was at the point, and there again, quality was not good. Plus, the water wasn’t too attractive either. If you’re thinking of chasing lumps at Dee Why or Curly, be warned that the Sydney Morning Herald Sun Run and Cole Classic are on, so lots of streets are blocked – and of course there are swarms of fit looking types racing about.

Wind was ESE at 9-10 kts and it was drizzling steadily when I grabbed the snaps. Swell out at sea was 2.6 m from the SSE at 9 seconds apart. First tide of the daylight hours is the high at 0745. Ocean is sitting on 21C according to the Bureau. It looks like showery weather all day with a high of 27 along the coast.

Have a top old Saturday everyone!


Scrappy looking conditions at the point 0630

Lumpy and bumpy

Not much sun for the Sun Run starters at Dee Why

South Narrabeen washing machine

Narrabeen stretch looking unattractive

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