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Posted by: on February 21st, 2019

Hello Friends,

The numbers tell the story for Sydney this morning. At 0600 North Head was seeing 13-19 kts of SSE wind. At 0300 the MHL buoy was detecting 2.3 metres of 7-sec SSE wind swell. The weather radar at Terry Hills was picking up showers off to the NE. So, I’d say you can write this one off and then check back later to see what the Goat has to say about prospects for next week (maybe mid-week?)

No better here in Santa Barbara, or most of the rest of California. The only place I spotted a wave on the cams was at Pismo Beach (about 2 hours north of where I am) which was offering feeble waist plusses. Santa Cruz was flat and so was Windandsea in San Diego… you’re missing nada!

Grey and cold but tiny lines for the keen at Pismo Beach, California – Surfline shot

Windandsea’s famous peak and thatched shelter. Surfline cam

Campus extra super micro on a swampy high tide

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