My bad, there were waves and here are some pictures

Posted by: on May 14th, 2019

Left early without being able to see waves properly, so under-called it. Sorry!

The reality is that magnets like north Curly were producing head high things on sets…

North Curly sets bombing

He made it out too. South Curly 1010 

Came back with a board to Longy later but south wind was beginning to texture it up and most of the shories were unmakeable shutdowns – although in the shoulder high range. Tide too low I’d say.

Moment of glory at Longy

Kinda bumpy but rideable at Longy bombie

Long Reef 1100 

Went around the corner to White Rock where a person had it to themselves. Although it was offshore, the wait for a catchable wave was pretty long so I figured it probably couldn’t handle even two of us.

White rock teaser 1125

Learning about the intertidal zone at Long Reef

Some kind of powered foil-board thingy off Long Reef

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