Postcards from Hossegor

Posted by: on October 8th, 2019

Drove up to Hossegor this morning to check out the WSL contest currently underway there.  Solid crowd on hand to witness the world’s best contest surfers take on a chunky beach break.   Lots of close-outs but the odd gem on offer for those able to successfully read the conditions.

Hossegor lacks the natural coastline beauty of places further south (like Guethary) but if contests are your go, this is the place.   Couldn’t help thinking how much more challenging this break must be to compete in compared to a sterile wave pool in inland California.

Still it was fun to watch and be part of it all.

Hossegor today

Flying the flag for local wildcard hero Marco Mignot. He came awfully close to knocking off Tour leader Medina…..

Medina trailed the whole heat then found a gem right at the death. Broke quite a few French hearts. The man to beat!


In our household (and many others) he is called King Kelly. Wonderful to see the greatest contest surfer of all time go through his paces in challenging conditions.


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