Postcard from St Jean de Luz

Posted by: on October 9th, 2019

Today we walked along the beautiful coastal path from Guethary to St Jean de Luz; a wonderful thing to do with today’s  strong swell as it gave us a chance to check out a lot of the breaks along this incredible stretch of coastline.

Very solid waves at Parlementia, Guethary.  Swell was 6-8 feet today, which meant some massive clean up sets.   Definitely a work out!

Lafitenia was a lot smaller and well shaped, but busy…..
Not sure of the name of this break but it was somewhere between Lafitenia and Erromardi and looked really heavy with only a couple of chargers out.
This wave is at the entrance to St Jean de Luz harbour.   You can just see a surfer in the bottom right hand corner attempting a ‘behind the wall’ take off.

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