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Sydney south spots the go, swell swelling in SoCal

Hello Friends,
After coming up yesterday, the swell looks to be around where it was yesterday evening. Height at sea as of 0600 was 1.4m with a period of about 9 seconds. It was coming mainly from the SSE. I’d say waist to chest at magnets on mid-tide will be the go.
Wind early was light SW, but the BoM marine forecast (see below) says it’ll swing SE and then work around to the NE this afternoon. Low tide is 0640 and high is 1240. Should be a warm, partly cloudy day. Beachwatch says water is 24C. Umm, toasty.
Swell perked up yesterday afternoon here in the Santa Barbara area. Most exposures were calf to knee and a bit, but Sands was seeing waist to chest on sets. It’s up again this morning, so I’ll be heading out on a surf hunt in a couple of hours. Might have a pic or two to share (I hope!)
Here’s Sands yesterday at dusk…

Lines coming into Sands late afternoon