Tiny Sunday morning

Hello Friends, Usual late Sunday start by yours truly. Not much happening surfwise this morning at Dee Why. The point is flat and the beach looks to be around the knee high mark on sets. Out at sea there’s only a metre of 6 second ENE wind bump showing at the buoy.  Wind at North […]

Little waves around

Hello Friends, Out at sea the swell was just a touch over a metre at 6 seconds apart from the ESE as of 0600. Tide was heading to the low at 0830 and then will come back in to the high at 1445. Weather should be mostly sunny and reaching a high of 20. Water’s […]

Postcards from Curly

20 people sampling the e. Coli levels on a cute chest plus high peak at North Curly where the lagoon empties into the sea. I’d go south of there for the equally attractive offerings. Hope no one gets sick. Nice peak with swill conduit in foreground

Back to small but still surfable

Hello Friends, A line of showers was hanging just offshore as Friday started but that should clear away as the day goes along. Swell’s clicked down another notch and as of 0700 was running about a metre from the east by ESE at around 9 seconds apart. That meant the point was back to near […]

The Goat’s Surf Forecast

The Goat’s Surf Forecast Surf forecast issued Thursday 28 May 2020: Seven day outlook for Sydney: Well last week was exciting wasn’t it??… if you wanted to get cold or/ and wet watching people catch big waves… or I suppose if you were ….xyz (you choose the word.. we encourage audience participation) enough to be […]

Smaller, cleaner and crowded

Hello Friends, Swell at sea is back down to 1.3 metres at 8-9 seconds from the SE this morning, but there were still chest plusses along the beach for the healthy crew who turned out for the dawn patrol. The point was less consistent and generally smaller, but it was getting the odd fun one. […]

Postcards from North Steyne

Grabbed a few snaps of the clean and juicy waves at Manly around 0900. It was crowded but not crazy and while most sets were shutting down, there were plenty that held up and were open enough to deliver some very exciting moments

Still some energy for Wednesday morning

Hello Friends, Swell’s dropped again as expected. Clearing(?) skies and 4-5kts of NW breeze early along with 2.6 m 9 second ESE residual swell as the day got started at a fairly busy Dee Why. Quality along the beach looks to be on the unpredictable side and kinda lumpy. Ocean is on 20C but unsurprisingly […]

Another lumpy and stormy morning

Hello Friends, 1000 update Stopped in Manly to grab a few pics between showers at North Steyne. Some meaty sections with the odd 2x overhead bomb to keep it interesting. A lot of work though, so you needed to be keen and fit because the makeable ones were hard to pick from the hopeless missions. […]

Postcards from North Steyne

Swell 2x to 3x overhead on biggest sets around 0900 to 1000. Very few makeable but there were a few to be had…