Chilly and scrappy

Hello Friends, A chilly 9C at RealSurf HQ around 0700 this morning. Skies were partly cloudy and the wind was out of the WNW at 5-6 kts. Out at sea the buoys were seeing 2.3 metres of 8-9 sec SE swell but inshore at Dee Why the conditions were, as you can see from the […]

The Goat’s Surf Forecast

The Goat’s Surf Forecast Surf Forecast issued Thursday 30 July 2020: Seven day outlook for Sydney: Woooooo… that fresh southerly breeze on the coast is chilly.  It brought the size up a little this arvo but no one wanted to be out in it as far as I could see. Down a little tomorrow, similar […]

Clean little lines for Dee Why this morning

Hello Friends, Chilly, mostly clear start to Thursday morning along the beaches. There were some nice looking lines coming in, but they didn’t appear too easy to catch. It looked as though you couldn’t get into them until you were pretty close to the sand, or at the point, pretty close to the rocks. Wave […]

Sunny skies and waves

Hello Friends, Looks like little waves to be had at Dee Why this morning. It’s chilly, but clean and still in the chest plus range. The latest MHL data showed 2.5 metres of 11-second south swell out at sea. Wind was 7-10kts west. Next tide is a low at 0915. Swell’s dropping steadily now, so […]

Messy, rainy and smaller but not small

Hello Friends, 0900: Swell definitely smaller but set wave faces at South Steyne and the Bower were still head and a bit Water looked suss but surface conditions were relatively smooth. The low tide was making it crunchy and shuttydowny but that wasn’t deterring folks. The MHL buoy off Sydney reported 3.8 metres at 10 […]

Stormy seas for Monday morning

Hello Friends, As noted in the forecast below, we have two swells hitting the coast at the same time this morning. They’re coming from the east to NE and the south and the combined effect is 4-7 metres of 12 second energy hitting the coast. Wind was out of the west at daybreak and there […]

Drippy Sunday morning

Hello Friends, It was raining lightly but steadily as Sunday morning got started along the beaches. Wind was coming from the SSE at 8-10 kts as of 0830, but, as the Bureau says below, it should swing NE and pick up into the 15-20 kt range. Swell was 1.3 metres and out of the east […]

Little but rideable

Hello Friends, The quiet before the storm this morning. Not much change to surf options since yesterday. It looked inconsistent and around knee to maybe waist high at Narrabeen and along the Longy-Dee Why stretch. So a good morning to go for a paddle if you’re a beginner. The clouds and rain are due later, […]

Up a bit but tide an issue to start

More swell around but Manly, Curly and Dee Why all looked pretty fat as of 0930. Take the nal or hope for better later… Slow and fat but do-able