Late afternoon beach check

Posted by: on July 19th, 2020

Went for a late afternoon bikeride and took the camera along. This morning’s swell has faded, but there were still a few shoulder to head high plus sets in the mix. Looked at Surfrider Gardens to Narrabeen stretch first and found there were still a reasonable number of people in the water, but the sets were less frequent. Still, they looked to be worth waiting for.

Fun size sets still on tap at dusk at Narrabeen

Little cover at Narraberen

Checked Long Reef next and while there were plenty of folk in the water, it was looking smaller and less consistent than Narrabeen.

Looking fun near the lugga…

Wandered down to the Dee Why end as the last rays of sun were doing their thing spotlight style on the waves at the south end. It was a bigger and more consistent than up the beach and, there seems to be something of a bank just north of the club. Saw some fattish but fun looking lefts come through.

Bright section at the point

That’s you in the spotlight…

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