Micro Monday

Hello Friends, Nothing doing at Dee Why this morning I’m afraid. Weather was looking nice though. It was already a comparatively mild 15C as of 0700 under sunny skies with 10-12 kts of WNW breeze. Sadly, as the pictures show, the surf situation is that there isn’t any for Dee Why. Out at sea the […]

Surf Slumbering Sunday in Sydney

Hello Friends, The scent of burning off in the air this morning and although it’s bright and sunny, it’s also definitely hazy too. Yesterday’s little south pulse faded away overnight and we’re now back to near flat conditions. I couldn’t see anyone in the water at Dee Why from the RealSurf crows nest when I […]

Lots of surf options at south favourables

Hello Friends, Super clean, lightly offshore and head high plus on the bomb sets at south magnets on Saturday morning. It was kind of missing Dee Why point but the peak north of the club and several focal points between there and the bombies at Longy were all keeping the crowds entertained. Swell was showing […]

The Goat’s Surf Forecast

The Goat’s Surf Forecast Surf forecast issued Thursday 27 August 2020: Seven day outlook for Sydney How was that weather today??? Freezing this morning (7 degrees at 7am with an apparent temp of 3) then 22 and hot at 2 pm… TG didn’t know if he was hot on the inside/ cold on the outside, […]

Little waves at selected spots

Hello Friends, Sunny skies, light and variable breezes, low tide at 0850 and high at 1535, plus 1.3 metres of 9-second SE swell meant magnet spots were seeing the odd waist high set or even a touch bigger. But it was inconsistent and close to flat between sets. So, you can get wet, but just […]

Backed off but not gone

Hello Friends, Waves have faded back pretty much in line with expectations, but there were definitely still a few fun looking sets left in the mix as the morning got started. A shoulder high set came into the point as I was taking the pictures. The beach breaks looked to be in the waist high […]

Icy start but waves on tap for the hardy

Hello Friends, It was under 9C at RealSurf HQ at 0730. There was a steady WSW breeze of around 10-15 kts under mostly sunny skies and out at sea the swell was 2 metres at 12 seconds from 166°. Tide was just coming off the low at 0650 and will be back to a 1.6 […]

Signs of swell

Just made the run from Manly to Dee Why and there are clear signs that the swell is filling in. Swell was knee to waist high at North Steyne where the swell was focusing. There was a fair old crowd riding mostly mals. Curly was waist to chest on sets at the south end but […]

Coming up

Hello Friends, As predicted, the swell has started to build out at sea. It was 2.3 metres at 11 seconds from 174° (ie, dead south) as of 0715 but the call is for it to be 3-4 metres as we get to lunchtime. Wind was 11-17 kts from the WNW. That should swing to the […]

Flatness continues into Sunday morning

Hello Friends, No waves at Dee Why this morning. Wind was 18-26 kts from the west. There’s a gale warning, so we can expect it to blow even harder as the day goes along. And that means that although the swell at sea has actually started to come up, those fierce winds are keeping the […]