Good morning to stay in

Hello Friends, Thunder, dark grey skies, spitty rain and 10-15 kts of east wind, combined with 1.4 metres of 9 second SE swell. Throw in a 1.6 m high tide at 0855 and you have a recipe for dire surf prospects this morning. In fact it looks like being ordinary all day weatherwise, but the […]

Pretty little mal waves

Hello Friends, Sunny skies and light offshores for the early risers. Swell at sea had dropped back to 1.2 metres at 10 seconds from 133° as of 0630. Quite a bit smaller than this time yesterday. Plus the tide was coming into the 1.57 m high at 0825 (it’s back to low at 1435). Grabbed […]

The Goat’s Surf Forecast

The Goat’s Surf Forecast Surf forecast issued Thursday 29 October 2020: Seven day outlook for Sydney: Been a pretty ordinary week of weather and wave conditions most of the time. It even felt like it was winter again. But there were opportunities at times for the keen and fit enthusiasts… The more sensitive souls with […]

They’re back

Like thousands of blue Christmas lights the length of Dee Why beach…

Manly snaps

Longish waits and fat too, but shoulder high faces all along the Manly stretch. Fair amount of waiting around though…

Stormy skies and solid sets early

Hello Friends, Heaps of dawn patrollers on it this morning at Dee Why as conditions were glassy and the showers were taking a break. Sets looked to be into the head and a bit range on the bigger ones. Water quality didn’t look too wonderful though but that said, yesterday’s Beachwatch report said pollution was […]

Pumping Wednesday morning

Hello Friends, A break in the cloud this morning with pumping swell and light offshore wind. As you can see from the pictures, it’s consistently head plus along the beach and at the point. Plus, it looked as though there was a pretty handy a-frame just up the beach from the SLSC. Tide hit high […]

Still stormy on Tuesday morning

Hello Friends, Still showery with a blustery 15-20 kt southerly scudding the clouds across the sky and tearing up the ocean. Dee Why didn’t look remotely surfable as of 0700 and given the forecast for strong winds through the day, I’d say that’s pretty unlikely to change. Out at sea the swell was 3 metres […]

Gale warning morning

Hello Friends, 32-42 kts SSE under grey and lowering skies as Monday got started. Out at sea the 170° (S by SSE) swell was 4.8 to 7.6 metres at 7.5-11 seconds. Even so, it was too straight for Collaroy or the Bower. Not that you’d really want to be out in that maelstrom anyway. From […]