Weak sauce but not flat

Hello Friends, More cloudy, gloomy weather for Sunday morning with 13-18 kts of south wind texturing exposed stretches. Waves were in the waist to chest plus range at the magnets and while there were definitely moments of juice, the overall impression was of a generally slow and gutless wind swell. I’d give it 2 out […]

Soft and small but not flat

Hello Friends, Heavy overcast and 10-12 kts of NNE as Saturday got started along the beaches of Sydney. The east wind bump was producing waist high lumps at optimally aligned locations. The incoming tide wasn’t helping the weak swell, so expect mostly slow and soft conditions. Plus there seemed to be a bit of a […]

The Goat’s Surf Forecast

The Goat’s Surf Forecast Surf forecast issued Thursday 29 January 2021: Seven day outlook for Sydney: It’s wet. Been drizzling fine steady rain all day. And it looks like showers will continue on and off over the weekend and into the week. Cheer yourself up with some good news: It’ll be warmer than today… and […]

Small and junky Friday morning

Hello Friends, Another grey and drippy morning along the beaches. There are knee to waist high scrappy wind waves in the corners if you are super keen, but quality is looking damn ordinary. Better exposures are bigger but the 10-15 kt easterly is basically trashing what might be reasonable waves were it offshore. It looks […]

Rainy, grey, windy and small

Hello Friends, 16-20 kts of SSE wind and drizzle falling from dark grey skies as Thursday lurches into gear along the coast. Out at sea the 8 second 2.4 metre was coming from 120° at 8 seconds apart. The ocean is looking pretty ordinary, unsurprisingly. Given the forecast of 20-25 kts SE wind all day, […]

Blown flat

Hello Friends, 20-25 kts of SSW wind to kick off a cloudy Wednesday morning. Swell at sea is 2 metres from 190° (so it’s headed away from us) at only 5 seconds apart, hence the flatness. So, no surf today, and probably nothing to speak of before Saturday at the earliest. Water’s 24C though! Weather […]

Heaps of NE windswell for the early crowd

Hello Friends, Lotsa people in the water for the holiday Tuesday thanks to a peaky chest high NE wind bump. Crowds were substantial from North Narrabeen to Surfrider Gardens and from Longy to Kiddies, so I assume this is the case across most Sydney beaches with NE exposure. Being that the bump is only 6-7 […]

Super tiny this morning

Hello Friends, Very quiet on the surf front this morning. The NE’r didn’t really kick in hard yesterday and so this morning’s residual NE wind bump wasn’t looking all that impressive at Dee Why. Swell at sea was 1.8 metres from the NE, but with a period of only 6-7 seconds. The Bureau says we’ll […]

Little waves for a very warm day

Hello Friends, A warm and hazy start to Sydney as we head to a high of 33c along the coast. Heaps of folks in the water at Dee Why by 0800 chasing the waist to maybe occasionally chest plus waves. Tide was dropping to the low at 1245 and a light NNE wind was texturing […]

Faded to small but not flat this morning

Hello Friends, Swell has died away overnight and is around the waist and a bit mark at the better exposures. Tide was high at 0500 and by 0630 the wind was 5-15 kts from the south, so the surface was texturing up rapidly. Swell at sea was coming from 156° at 12 seconds apart and […]