Waves around this morning

Hello Friends, Yesterday’s south pulse stuck around last night and though it’s off its peak, there were shoulder to head high set wave faces to be had at the better exposures. Plus, it was glassy before 0800. Swell at sea was 2.5 metres at a touch under 8 seconds apart from 174° as of 0710. […]

More grey than blue

High tide softening a little south wind swell along the Manly stretch at 0900. Surface conditions were smooth but water continues to look murky. A touch of cool too under high overcast skies. Wind still SW when I got to Dee Why around 0930. Sets were shoulder plus along the beach and it was relatively […]

Sunny start to Monday

Hello Friends, Beautiful autumnal morning out there. Waves are hard to find though. You need perfect alignment with the 6-7 second period 1-metre dead south swell and a bank to focus it on morning with a 1.88 m high tide at 0930. The only place I saw that happening was at Freshie. Beachwatch continues to […]

Sunny Sunday with soft and small surf

Hello Friends,Another beautiful day along the beaches this morning. The wind was coming lightly from the WSW and out at sea, the swell was around the metre mark at 9-10 seconds from 123°. Waves were noticeably smaller than yesterday at this time and they were getting swamped by the 1.88 m 0920 high tide. Size […]

Fading swell Saturday

Hello Friends,  A swampy 1.8 m high tide at 0800 plus a mainly SSE swell that’s dropped from 2.1 m yesterday afternoon to 1.3 m with a 9 second period at daybreak, means minimal surf options this morning. At least the wind looks like staying light and from the north quarters until this afternoon when […]

Beautiful morning with small waves

Cloud around the edges but clear over the beaches with smooth conditions and light winds as Friday gets started. We had a 1.6m high tide at 0710, so waves were looking quite fat and full. Faces on sets were in the waist to chest plus range. More pics soon…

Surf forecast issued Thursday 25 March 2021: Seven day outlook for Sydney

Surf forecast issued Thursday 25 March 2021: Seven day outlook for Sydney TG had definitely had enough of the rain …He was starting to eye off the couch for something to snack on, just for something to do…, and he’d taken on an distinctly musty odour, which was generally unwelcome inside the house. There was much […]

Pretty skies, little clean waves

Doing the Manly to Dee Why jaunt, so herewith a few snaps. Manly was not super busy given how approachable the conditions were. It was glassy with waist to chest high sets along 0830. Waves were pretty soft, so not a day for the high performance option in your quiver. South end of Curly was […]