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I know it’s just silly but…

Posted on September 27th, 2016 in Just for fun.

Hi All,
Your webmaster is a political junky who will be glued to US presidential debate at 1100 this morning. Just for fun I’ve quickly whipped up a very rough and ready little game for my fellow tragics that I call #TrumpLiesBingo. You can see it at

VID: Rob Machado & hybrid surf/snowboard

Posted on January 20th, 2012 in Just for fun.

First time I’ve ever seen something like this… and it seems to surf okay too.


Vid: this is a pretty nutty artificial wave

Posted on February 16th, 2011 in Just for fun, Top stories, weird surf.

Wave pools have been around for years now, and from what I hear, some are kinda fun. But the people at Wavegarden have taken things to a whole new level. According to their website, their computer controlled wave making system can be used in both natural and artificial bodies of water. In the video below you can see their test facility wave located in the Basque country. Basically it looks like a large-ish farm reservoir in a pretty, rural setting. The wave they generate – although only about waist high – is of exceptional quality. According to the blurb on their site, there is no in principle reason why it couldn’t be scaled up into something very interesting.

Here’s a little snippet from their website:

Wavegarden is a man-made wave that creates ideal conditions for surfing, as well as a broadly appealing range of other wave sports such as body boarding, kayaking, and stand up paddling. Early testing and professional feedback show Wavegarden to be the closest thing to an ocean break.
With Wavegarden you can create a surf spot anywhere in the world and surf it anytime you like. Our technology can create a beach with gentle waves for non-surfers or a challenging wave for surfers of all levels.
The patented Wavegarden technology can be applied to a variety of existing bodies of water: from lakes and lagoons, to reservoirs and large ponds.
In each case, perfect waves of all sizes, shapes and speeds are consistently generated in a safe, natural environment using much less energy than any other wave generator in history.
A Wavegarden wave can be programmed to adapt to any type of wave to suit various client needs, as per each customised design (recommended size 1.6m):

From their technical descriptions, it seems that the water body needs to have a very uniform bottom and water level and from the pictures it looks like this is lined with some kind of heavy plastic. They reckon it is a very low energy system, so one wonders how the propagate the waves. Apparently they are able to precisely control the shape of a wave too, so I’m curious if maybe it involves some sort of inflatable membrane that can be made to abruptly bulge up underwater… anyway, however they do it, this is the first human generated wave that I’ve thought looked like it might actually be pretty fun to surf!

Here’s one of Wavegarden’s videos (click here for more)

Madman surfs jaws …on water skis.

Posted on February 10th, 2011 in Just for fun.

This bloke straps on a pair of skis and goes about as far off piste as you can get. Yikes!

VID: that tarp surfing youtube video…

Posted on August 31st, 2010 in Just for fun, Top stories.

It’s the next big thing for flat days…

Artify your next board

Posted on June 16th, 2010 in Just for fun, Top stories.

Want to try something a little bit different when it comes to decorating your next custom board? and Caspian de Looze have produced a range of distinctive decals for custom buyers to have incorporated into their new sticks.

Here’s the blurb from Surfdecals:

Caspian illustration and have come together to present an outstanding collection of artwork by internationally recognised artist Caspian de Looze.

These ‘under-the-glass’ decals from represent an opportunity for more people to see and own a surfboard with some of the imagery Caspian has painstakingly produced in recent years.
Using the latest digital print techniques combined with quality artwork, results in some outstanding images embedded permanently into your surfboard.

For further information please contact:
Ian Wallis – – [email protected] – Ph: 0419 264 975
Caspian de Looze – Caspian Illustration – [email protected] – Ph: 0401 058 453

Online catalogue and pricelist:-

Most number of people on a wave record attempt

Posted on March 30th, 2010 in Just for fun, News Stories.

1700, 31 March 2010: Dateline Collaroy

Manly Surf School tempt 120 surfers to Collaroy to try to break record

Manly Surf School today attempted to break the Guinness Book of World Records most number of people on a wave. Helicopters and film crews were there for the event. 120 surfers tried to write their name into the history books.

Matt Grainger of Manly Surf School said “The conditions weren’t quite right today but although we didn’t beat the world record we will try again. However what we have shown is how safe it is to surf and how much fun you can have surfing rain hail or shine with your mates.”

The world record was beaten four times in 2006.

The group from the Manly surf school brought a surfing world record back to our shores after 46 people successfully rode the same wave. The school had set a record of 38 in 2000, but it was lifted to 40 in San Diego and then 43 in Ireland.

18 September, 2006 : – – Thanks to the phenomenal support of the surfing community of the Cape Peninsula, the Guinness World Record for the ‘Most surfers standing on one wave’ was easily surpassed at Muizenberg Corner on Sunday 17 September 2006 when 73 intrepid wave-riders caught and then rode a single wave for longer than five seconds.

Congratulations to one and all…

Original news item below…

31 March 2010 UPDATE: VENUE CHANGE. Due to southerly conditions, the attempt will now be made at Collaroy Beach.


Manly Surf School are once again taking on the Guinness Book of World Records next week and hope to have more than 73 surfers standing up and riding a wave.

The Guinness Book of World Records segment is set for Wednesday the 31st of March at 1pm at Collaroy Beach.

Breaking world records is nothing new for Manly Surf School. In 2006, they were successful in setting a new world record after 46 people successfully rode the same wave. While their 2006 record has since been beaten first by Brazil and then South Africa (73) Manly Surf School are up for another challenge, with the help of locals and a number of students from high schools along the Northern Beaches.

Matt Grainger, head coach and owner of Manly, Long Reef and Palm Beach surf schools said, “We’re pretty confident we will beat the record. The surf is set to be a perfect size and the tide will be out. I’d love to bring the world record back to Australia and back to my home break of Long Reef.”

With over 73 people hoping to stand up on one wave, Matt says this is what surfing is all about – party waves with your mates and having fun.

He said, “Surfing is very community oriented. At Manly Surf School we want to take the angst out of surfing by showing the right way to catch waves and have respect for the ocean and others around you so that everyone can enjoy the fun the ocean can deliver.”

Shark Park: new California monster wave?

Posted on January 19th, 2010 in Just for fun, News Stories, Top stories.

It looks like surf film maker Greg Huglin has discovered a huge new open ocean wave off the coast of Santa Barbara county. My bet is it’s near the northern end of one of the Channel Islands. But Mr Huglin’s not saying. Quite a good yarn about the first trip out there on his site (link below). Here’s a taste…

The wave warped ominously, jacking up as high as a four-story building half a city block long before the wall of water curved over, exploding in a thundering cavernous barrel. Sounding like a jet engine on overdrive, the explosion of white water sent a concussion of rippling “wavelets” as big as six feet into the channel.

Mr. Curry and the other surfers smiled.

via Greg Huglin’s Surfing Dolphins – Shark Park.


Posted on December 15th, 2009 in Contests, For the Diary, Just for fun, Local Colour, News Stories, Surf culture, Surf history, Surf News, Top stories.

As the off-beach entertainment for the Global Surf Industries Noosa Festival of Surfing, presented by Golden Breed, heats up, with additions to the program coming thick and fast, tickets went on sale on line last week for four ticketed events to be held at the Surf City village at Lions Park.

  • Richard Tognetti’s The Glide, with vision by Jon Frank and Jack McCoy, promises to be an outstanding performance, combining the master violinist’s twin passions for surf and music. Also featuring Satu Vanska and other members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Supported by Peter Howe and Tim Gaze.
  • Noosa Longboards presents Gidget’s Girls Night Out. A perfect retro fit, featuring special guest Kathy Kohner, (the original Gidget), live music, movies and a ‘50s swimsuit parade.
  • Going Vertical. The world premiere of the long-awaited documentary of the shorboard revolution will be a night to remember for surfers of all ages, with Bob McTavish, Dick Brewer and a host of surf stars in attendance.
  • Saturday Night at Surf City, with six great acts, headlined by The Beautiful Girls and Ash Grunwald. The climax to a week of killer entertainment.

Earlybird ticket prices now available, including a Platinum Pass to all ticketed events for just $165.

Hotline 07 54735676

rating testing

Posted on October 28th, 2009 in Just for fun.

Just experimenting here…

How good was the surf today?

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and here…

What do you reckon the surf will be like…

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this is a fixed version of above… does it change if new votes are added?

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