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RealSurf’s Shari standing for Council

Posted on August 25th, 2008 in News Stories, Surf politics, Top stories.

Yes folks, it’s true – our very own Shari Hooper is running for election to Warringah Council on September 13.

Shari is the We Love Warringah group’s A ward candidate and for a pure surf agenda, I reckon she can’t be beat!

Here’s the official press release from We Love Warringah:

It’s a big step for Shari who is normally a “behind the scenes” gal, but she believes it is crucial that the interests of surfers be represented in this election and on Warringah Council.

Shari wants a Council that is “positive, sustainable, responsive, constructive”.

“I think we have a real chance here to make this Council the ideal that others can look to. I’d like people to see there’s a way to go into the future with all the modern facilities without punishing the environment. Beauty, sustainability, vibrancy, functionality – they can surely go hand in hand.”

Shari wants to see sand nourishment of our most threatened beach at Collaroy- Narrabeen and is determined that a sea wall or rock dumping is not put back on the agenda; she wants limits on the unbridled expansion of private and commercial premises on our beaches; she wants continued access to waves for surfers and clean water.

She is a member of the Northern Beaches business women’s network – ‘where vision meets success.’ And she’s also a long standing member of Surfrider Foundation.

This election will also be the first for a popularly elected Mayor. Shari urges all surfers to consider for Paul Jaffe from We Love Warringah for the job.

The We Love Warringah team is a true resident’s group – no former councillors, no members of political parties and no property developers.

The full profile of Shari can be viewed at

We Love Warringah announces beach policies

Posted on August 5th, 2008 in Surf politics, Top stories.

Local government elections are coming up and the following item was received from the We Love Warringah party. WLW is running on a set of policies that are pro-beach and pro-surfing. RealSurf will be happy to publish similar policy documents from other coastal Council candidates and parties. All we ask is that the statements be short, to the point, and to deal primarily with your policies about beach and surfing issues.

Dear Realsurfers…

OK – you might think these are the three most tedious words you will ever find in the same sentence together – Local. Government. Elections.

But the people who will control your waves – your access to breaks through parking spaces, rock-dumping extravaganzas, sea walls and beach-side development – are asking for your vote on September 13.

For all Sydney north-side surfers, there’s no more critical vote than the one you’ll cast in the Warringah Council election – the body that administrates the beaches from Queenscliff to North Narrabeen.

In the past local surfers and we, their supporters, have battled to stop a proposed massive concrete sea wall from Collaroy to Narrabeen. We have fought a 250-seat beach-front café at Narra; an ugly development on the beach at South Curl Curl and a three-storey office block and function centre at Longie.

There is one group contesting the election– We Love Warringah – that has been forged from the heart of these battles.

We want your vote so that we can continue to pursue the interests of surfers on Council.

We advocate sand nourishment rather than sea walls; we want to negotiate with surf clubs to limit their ad-hoc expansion; we want to declare Longie a conservation zone; we want to fight those who are dog-whistling the forces of law and order in a bid for “zero tolerance” on the Northern Beaches.

The We Love Warringah team is a non-politically aligned group of local residents who put beach preservation at the top of their agenda.

If you live, surf and vote in Warringah – we ask you check out our website at and share the love.

Wherever you see the symbol of the blue heart – that’s where we are.
Paul Jaffe. Mayoral and A ward candidate.
We Love Warringah