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Some solid sets this morning

Posted on March 23rd, 2016 in A video minute.

We were seeing occasional faces into the 1.5x overhead range (on the bombs) this morning at the point. I picked up a shoulder high one with my GoPro rolling. As usual, the GoPro makes it look like knee high. Oh well! You get the idea sorta. Really pretty conditions but because it was one of the few surf options around, the point was crazy busy for a weekday morning.

Pics and a vid on a rainy morning

Posted on March 21st, 2016 in A video minute.

Hello Friends,

Shot some vid and a snap at Dee Why point in pouring rain. 20 people were on the point and when the sets rolled through it looked like serious fun – woofy water notwithstanding.
Let the camera run a little longer than usual because this particular set kept going…



Dee Why point late Sunday morning

Posted on March 20th, 2016 in A video minute.

Checked Dee Why point just before noon – and a bout of rain – to see if I could get a video clip. Although there were occasional 1.5x overhead sets, the 20 or so people scattered along the point weren’t catching heaps of waves. I waited quite awhile to get the clip…

Saturday morning Dee Why vid

Posted on March 19th, 2016 in A video minute.

Wind lightly offshore, skies clear but high tide, and worse, next to no swell left over from yesterday. We’re told it’ll pick up substantially later today – but will the wind play nice…?

Dee Why beach and point Thursday morning

Posted on March 17th, 2016 in A video minute.

A taste of the swell activity this morning at Dee Why beach and the point. Conditions were glassy under lowering skies.

Long Reef bombies video minute

Posted on March 11th, 2016 in A video minute.

Swell was coming from the SE at up 1.8 metres and 13 seconds apart. The outside bombies were picking up the occasional set wave too.

Saturday very small but not quite absolutely flat (vid)

Posted on March 5th, 2016 in A video minute, At large.

Hello Friends,

Gotta be keen this morning. Waves were really tiny at Northy, Longy and Dee Why, but there were folks amongst ’em as the sun came over the horizon. Set wave faces were struggling to make the waist high mark, so you really wanted your floatiest wave tool. Although the MHL buoy was reporting 11-second period, the east swell was less than a metre out at sea.
Tide was high at 0600 and will be back to low at 1240. We’re in for another 30 degree day and while the wind was lightly NW at 0720, it will swing north and then NE as it builds to a summery 10-15 kts later this afternoon.
Swell isn’t expected to change much across the day.
Nor, is it likely to improve much across the coming week according to the models. So enjoy what we have, the autumnal quality can’t be far off now…
Here’s a little video minute thingee…

sup rider

SUP wanders around near Whiterock

north narrabeen surfing

Set wave steams in at North Narrabeen

Gardens surf

Shutdown city and no takers for the early

no mans surfer

Long boarder ekes out a little section at no mans

Manly and Northy (plus vid)

Posted on February 29th, 2016 in A video minute.

At 0830 North Steyne looked the goods. Only four people in the water too. Of course you needed to be a very good female surfer to be in the group. High percentage of closeouts along the Manly stretch, but while it was afflicted too, North Steyne had the best waves I would see between Manly and Northy.
Curly was almost unoccupied and looking uninteresting when I drove by about 0845. It was very busy from Dee Why to Longy, but when you watched, you realised they were all hunting some very rare waist-ish sets. When I pulled in for a look at Longy the SEr was kicking in rapidly. There were more waves at that end of the beach, even a few possibles on the bombies, but the surface was chopping up severely. Stopped at Gardens for a gink as well, but the sideshore was making the sketchy, treacherous looking shutdowns looking not at all attractive. Final stop was Northy where you could see the underlying quality of the swell, but it too was falling apart in the onshores. I shot a video minute to share and then headed for home.

female contest surfer

0830 at North Steyne Australian Open of Surfing

north steyne

Just before the sideshores kicked in

north steyne woman surfing

Women in the water for the early heats on Monday

long reef kite

You wouldn’t want to be a mouse or a lizard

Long Reef midday combo swell on a sunny Sunday (vid)

Posted on February 28th, 2016 in A video minute, Long Reef.

Long Reef was challenging but occasionally fun – if you were in the right spot. After a couple hours in the water, I shot a video minute to share…

A few waves in Manly this morning (vid)

Posted on February 26th, 2016 in A video minute.
fairy bower surfer

Fun little faces on the sets at the Bower 1100

Paddled out at the Bower this morning on spec. My theory was that there might be the occasional solid set in the mix. Turned out that I was right. Water’s dropped several degrees too. Sets seemed to be getting a little more frequent as the morning went on – and the tide filled in. Biggest wave face I saw would’ve been around the head mark. Mostly though the rideable ones were more like chestish.

Later, driving home, I stopped at North Steyne for a look and shot the video minute below. Looks like they’ll have solid swell for the start of the contest.