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On Surfari: looks like we got waves…

Posted on April 30th, 2010 in Broken Head.

Hello Friends,

During the night you could hear the swell arrive. The soft fizz of windswell waves dropped a couple octaves into a sonorous rumble. Sure enough this morning finds it more around to the east with lines showing way out. Sets are easily head high, so there should be a few bigger bombs. Now we’re faced with a challenge: do we wait for the tide to drop, or do we just paddle out now…

The crowds have begun to materialise too. But that’s no surprise. If we decide to go for the name brand product, that’ll be the price we pay.

I’d say there’s quite a good chance that I’ll have a few more pictures for you later today…

Go well!

On Surfari: looking for energy again

Posted on April 29th, 2010 in Broken Head.

Hello Friends,

Beautiful morning along the North Coast. The cloudy skies of yesterday have given way to bright blue. Wind is very light and the all important swell setting looks to be about the same as yesterday, so with luck we’ll find a little something to scramble into later. There were a few bods messing about in the knee high conditions at Broken Head. Nothing much in the way of energy, but the gin clear warm water, and the sunny conditions are making it reasonably attractive for a dip.

Outlook up this way is for not much change and it would seem to be about the same all the way down the NSW coast.

I took a snap of the powering swell at Broken Head for ya… with luck I’ll have a few more to share later!

On surfari: Tiny on the north coast

Posted on April 28th, 2010 in Broken Head.

Hello Friends,

Not much happening along the Broken Head to Suffolk Park beach. Only three or four people in the water chasing very infrequent but pretty looking little waist high peaks. Seems to be much like last night in terms of power – ie not much.

We’re going to head off south to Ballina in search of a possible improvement. What will we find?