Don and the dolphin

Yesterday morning I went for a quick splash at south Narrabeen. During the sesh we were treated to the spectacle of a pod of dolphins chasing fish through the line up. As it happened, Suzy and Michael from Surf Photo of You were taking pictures. Michael got one of me not looking like a total […]

Smooth and Clean.

Just another fab day on the Northern Beaches.  Still 3 – 4 foot and nice and smooth down at South Narrabeen.  Check out SPoY for some nice fun waves.  

Tiny town

Hello Friends, The puniness continues this morning. Swell is showing out of the east at about a metre at sea, but with a choppy 7 second period. If you were up early to beat the wind, you could find the odd knee to waist high bump at most of Sydney’s beaches (well, not the south […]

Nice Early.

Beautiful conditions on the beach early.  2 foot and offshore.  Enjoy.  Surf Photos of You.


Its heaps cleaner this morning than it has been for a while.  Swell is out of the E – SE and is a bit of  a mixed bag.  Its around 3 – 4 foot along the Narrabeen stretch but may be a bit straight there.  There are a few waves around.  Wind is just swinging […]

Small and smooth

There are still some small waves around this morning.  Be quick as they are filling fast with the high.  Nice light offshore W – NW breeze to make it a nice surf.  Enjoy  Surf Photos of You.

Late morning high tide blues

Hello Friends Grabbed the water-toy and went looking for something to splash around in this morning. Sadly, the high tide just seemed to be swamping the spots I checked – and those that weren’t swamped were getting the wind treatment in a big way. Speaking of the wind, the SSW’ly really seems to be holding […]

Pump it up

Hello Friends, South swell has ramped right up overnight and as of around 0800 it was tipping the scales at 4 metres on average with a solid period of 10 seconds. It’s a very straight south, so some places are getting the full energy while not far away (eg the beachy and point at Dee […]

Swell kicking in

Hello Friends, Was busy in the middle part of the day over in town. Got back to the beach around 1400. Checked the Bower to see if the wind was tearing it up. Chop wasn’t super bad, but it was too messy to tempt anyone out. Some sizable sets coming in too. A few people […]

Running around: Curly, DY, Sth Narra

Hello Friends, First stop this morning for me was at lovely south Curl Curl. Bitterly cold at 0700 and already well populated, it was nonetheless quite consistent and, as it turned out, the biggest spot I looked at. Set wave faces were well overhead and despite a kind of raw look, there were some longish […]