Late night tunes: Blind Willie Johnson edition

I was checking out the very excellent thread on our forums called What are you listening to today? and I saw Lucky Al’s briefest of posts extolling Blind Willie Johnson… So I went off to have a look-see, an’ heresa whut ah found fo’ y’all… Dark was the night, cold was the ground… [youtube][/youtube] Trouble […]

Video: the Dolphin stampede

Who doesn’t love watching dolphins… a lot of dolphins! [youtube][/youtube] From the YouTube description: This video was shot in the Sea of Cortez between Isla la Guardia and Bajia de los Angeles. While fishing we ran through a pod of several hundred dolphins. This is part of what we saw.

Gallery: Carolines meet the women.

Blundering around the net in my ceaseless search for interesting stuff to share with those of you kind enough to add RealSurf to your visited sites, I came across a beautifully photographed gallery of waves from the Caroline Islands. As you’ll see when you follow the link below, these are pics are on American surf […]

Gerry Lopez & Jock Sutherland talkin’ Pipe

Came across this very interesting video of Gerry Lopez and Jock Sutherland talking about the history and their experiences of Pipeline. It’s part one of six and in this episode they give us brief bios before Gerry talks about trying to surf Pipe the first time in 1962 – and meeting Jock, who already had […]

The Mootrix

MAN vs. COW See the video.  Someone once told me I had a better chance of being attacked by a cow than a shark. Seems appropriate today given the shark attacks in Sydney.  Those aren’t funny. This video is hilarious. [youtube][/youtube]

Google does the Oceans?

Very interesting project by search engine giant Google is set to be officially debuted on Feb 2, 2009 at  the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco. The Guest list is headed by none other than former vice-president Al Gore, so it could be a big deal. Here’s what we hear ahead of the launch… Following […]

Dolphin Chefs (fun stuff)

One of this weekend’s hot stories has been the account of female Spencer Gulf Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins prepping their cuttlefish meals. For any dolphins reading this, here’s the method to use (as was explained in a piece written by Christine Dell’Amore on the National Geographic website: The female herded a cuttlefish to the seafloor, pinned […]

Human-powered sub across the Atlantic

For your amusement! This must surely rank high on the top ten list of crazy – but not totally improbable – projects. In an article that appeared on the New Scientist website late in January, one Ted Ciamillo is shown standing next to the pedal-powered submarine he’s building (see pic below). His plan is to […]

29.01.09 news and cams of interest

Hi All The best of the Australian surf cams I could find this morning was coastalwatch’s Margs cam. Proper waves out west for you lucky pups. Qld, NSW and Vic all look knee to waist high for the most part. About the best live cam I could find overseas was’s Rocky Point unit on […]

Surfing Lake Superior in Winter

2009-01-19 — Icicles hanging from the brim of your 10mm thick wettie hood?? Here are two stories from the NY Times, one’s a slideshow. How cold would it have to be to keep you out of the water? I’m staying in Sydney, thanks muchly. 🙂 Link to NY Times Story: Surfing Lake Superior in Winter Link […]