High tide at Long Reef

Hello Friends, Chucked the board in the car, grabbed the camera and went for a closer look at conditions at Long Reef just as the tide was peaking. Quite a number of people out the back on second bombie and an unusual number clustered at shitrock as well. As expected, the beach was just shutting […]

Longy Tuesday evening session

long reef surfing

Went down to Longy toward dusk to see what was what. Lotta people in the water chasing big and lumpy high tide waves from about the guard hut north. Sets were still into the double head plus range, but there weren’t heaps of long ones. Few bods out the back too… Took a buncha pictures, […]

Late night lines

Very straight south swell showing at the bombies around 4pm. Expected to be big by tomorrow

Win a Surfboard @SPoY

Hi all if you subscribe to SurfPhotosOfYou you can win a Element Surf Wild Cat surfboard for only $10. Click HERE  There is a new SE swell on this morning so get out there.

Started out okay

Hello Friends, Routine was thrown off this morning. Went surfing before filing a report. As expected the south swell arrived overnight and if you were in the right spot there were waves into the head plus range. I chose Long Reef bombies and when I first paddled out @0730, there were some clean ones to […]

Early Thursday pulse.

There were some fun waves at the open south facing beaches.  3 foot +  www.surfphotosofyou.com.au


There is still some size out there this morning.  A good 3 – 4 foot still but on the drop.  It was a case of mixing your swells and coming up with a hangover and thats the case with a wobbly Tuesday.  Check more out at SPoY.

Crowded but rideable at Longy this morning

After posting this morning’s report, I wandered down to Longy to see if there might be something worth paddling around in. Shoulda taken the mal as it turns out because old guys on 6’3″ fishes tend to lose out to other (mostly) old guys on mals when you’re talking Longy bombies. Still, it was such […]