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The Drive

Posted on May 5th, 2013 in On the road.

How many of you have done the “drive to Palmy and check every beach and end up driving back and surfing Manly” trip? Happens a lot in south swells and almost happened this morning but lucky we hardened up and chose a beach to get wet.  Similar conditions all the way up with 3ft of swell (freak 4ft’s) on the exposed beach bumped up by the wind and 2-3 on the more sheltered options.  Better with the sun out and lower tide but that wind will cause problems so I hope you are out surfing as I type.

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Posted on October 29th, 2011 in On the road.

I came across a tow-in who managed to get his surfer into a few little sections.  2 foot E swell with a fairly breezy NNE wind.  Very short period bump at open beaches.  Enjoy your weekend.  Surf Photos of You.

4 – 6 foot Snapper

Posted on January 13th, 2011 in On the road.

Conditions have improved up here at Snapper Rocks.  The swell has increase to about 6’+ sets and the wind has more south in it making it cleaner.  This also brought out the crowd and I reckon there around 200 surfers out.  But still there are plenty of waves.  Enjoy  Surf Photos of You

Snapper 4 – 5 foot

Posted on January 12th, 2011 in On the road.

Although it is not lining up Snapper is about 4 – 5 foot with some nice little sections.  Wind still out of the E and the tide was low early.  Water has cleaned up and there is not as much storm water.  The weather has cleared and there were some sunny periods in which to take some nice pics.  See more at

Grey Snapper

Posted on January 11th, 2011 in On the road.

The surfing conditions have deteriorated with the strong E wind making the surf very messy.  But this is insignificant to what is happening here in SE Queensland.  Massive flooding and loss of Life………Surf Photos of You.

1000 waves at Snapper

Posted on January 10th, 2011 in On the road.

As its my wedding anniversay I decided to take my wife for a break to Cooly.  Although the wind is similar along the east coast of OZ, Snapper is about head high and they just kept coming in.  There are a few little sections to be enjoyed and the usual Gold Coast/Tweed crowd were getting a lot of waves.  I wish we had a break like that in Sydney.  But I managed to get a few pics in between the rain showers.  See more at Surf Photos of You.

On Surfari: heading home day & one last sesh

Posted on May 2nd, 2010 in Crescent Head, On the road.

Hello Friends,

Slept under the stars last night at Crescent Head (thanks Timbo!) and once again the noise from the beach convinced us that the swell was picking up. It’d been awful small when we checked Scotts Head on the way south yesterday afternoon (no sand in the corner, so the joint needs some serious swell to work atm). Crescent didn’t look much good either as the sun set on Saturday.

First light revealed that the swell hadn’t changed much, but at least the junky NE wind of last night was gone and it was glassy smooth. We paddled out shortly after the sun came over the horizon and there were already 40 people up the point from us. Looked like a lot of us were on the other side of 50 too.

It was fairly setty, but being crescent, if you were on a mal, it was possible to make 100 m + things that weren’t much above thigh high. Every now and then a bit bigger set would turn up to keep things interesting. Invariably there’d be someone on ’em, but if you were patient and picked where the waves were backing off or sectioning, there were opportunities aplenty – despite the crowd.

Tapping this out as we’re driving south. The Telstra wireless is cutting in and out heaps on the stretch between Kempsey and Taree… not sure if we’ll make any more stops now… that NE’r will be knocking things about at most places. Might just keep rolling for home.

Go well with your Sunday!

On Surfari: Arrawarra on a Saturday morning

Posted on May 1st, 2010 in Coffs Harbour, On the road.

Hello Friends,

Well, I didn’t expect to be surfing Arrawarra this morning, but due to a mixup with bookings, we were given the bum’s rush from Broken Head yesterday. So, we fled south to lovely Coffs Harbour to seek a roof over our heads for the evening. Before we left though we spent a couple hours getting hammered in solid 6 to 8 foot face shutdowns at Broken Head. We’d hoped for a better result at low tide, but I guess the banks just aren’t quite set up yet. Still, I did get a few pics of people at higher tide. I’ll post them to a gallery when I get back to Sinny.

Anyhoo, this morning we checked the MHL buoys and saw the energy levels had come up a bit so we wandered down to Arrawarra point with the mals to see if there was anything to cruise. Turns out there was. Nothing amazing, a bit slow and not that consistent, but every now and then a chest high set would come around the point and if one was lucky…
Crowd wasn’t bad for a sunny Saturday morning either, so the lulls were bearable.

A couple hours later, after covering a probably a kilometre in the form of 200m+ rides, we’re fortified for the trip south. Have yourself a top old Saturday, wherever you may find yourself.



Sometimes you win, sometimes…

Posted on April 27th, 2010 in On the road.

Hello Friends,

Ensconced in the lovely Broken Head caravan park (where they have wi-fi, woohoo), we are now hoping against all reason that there will be waves some place in the Ballina-Byron region tomorrow.

The day started with a beautiful morning in Crescent Head after kipping out in friend Tim’s parents’ holiday batch backyard. Full moon last night was a treat and the fruit bats visiting the wattle nearby made for a slightly eerie spectacle. During the dark hours the point started making noise, but by morning it had died away and was microscopic, if perfectly formed.

So we headed north, hoping that somehow we might catch up with some swell. Got to Ballina mid afternoon and there appeared to be some small waves on the beaches near town. The mighty Lennox only had a dozen bods attending it. They were catching some low tide scraps right near the top of the point. Looked to be around the waist high mark. We left them to it and checked the reefs but decided they looked a bit weak and small. Might as well make for the digs up at Broken, we thought.

Turned out to be pretty small here too. Hardly surprising really. Went for a late one in the tiny shories on our short boards. Size was basically waist high or less and the power factor was not impressive at all. Still, the water is delightfully warm and we had a nice sunset after a fairly dull and cloudy afternoon.

Will the boys find anything at all tomorrow? Stay tuned… I shall report for your amusement and edification!

Go well one and all.

Postcard from Boomerang

Posted on February 10th, 2010 in On the road, Postcard.

To be filed under really annoying messages from friends who could go on surfari when you couldn’t…

Mid North Coast tally ho!:

The ENE swell continues to hang in there. We just surfed a left for a
couple of hours in the Boomerang Beach area (near an iconic headland and
an easy paddle out). Very fun 3-4’waves in perfect conditions:
uncrowded, offshores, sunny, warm water, dolphins, bikini girls on the
beach – you know the story.
Probably gone tomorrow – so its a case of ‘carpe diem’.
Wish you were here.

Yeah, well… well we had a really productive work meeting, so there! Grumble.