u2 live from Rose Bowl

If you have a decent connection, you can see U2 playing the Rose Bowl in LA right now… http://www.youtube.com/u2

Saturday surf report for 702 ABC

Surf report on Sydney’s ABC 702 radio for Saturday 19 Sep 2009 Don talks surf with Simon Marnie of the ABC 702 weekends show…

702 ABC radio surfin’ report

Here’s a link to this morning’s surf chat with Simon Marnie of the 702 ABC weekend show… Don talks surf with Simon Marnie of 702 ABC radio’s weekend show.

Catch-up mode continues

Hello Friends, Ready for some wind? The Bureau’s hoisted the Gale pennant. So, while it’s started out glassy calm at the beach this morning, the situation will be very different by nightfall. I know what you’re thinking, if it’s going to blow, won’t we get some waves? Sadly, the answer is no. We’re talking N-NW’ly, […]

Don’s usual Sat morning 702 ABC report

Today’s radio riff on 702 Weekends between myself and she of the dulcet laughter, Angela Catterns. Don talks Saturday surf & the week’s prospects with Angela Catterns of 702 ABC radio’s weekend show.

The Saturday morning radio report

Hey all, Here for your amusement, my dulcet tones from 702 ABC radio’s weekend show with Mr Simon Marnie at the helm. Clicking the following link will open a little audio player thingy… Don talks surf prospects for today and the week ahead with Simon Marnie.

Audio: Don talks surfers and sharks with ABC radio’s Garth Russell

Your webmaster had a chat about matters surfing and sharks with Garth Russell, Newcastle ABC radio’s drive time announcer.  If there were good waves, would you paddle out even if it looked sharky? (3 March 2009) Don talks sharks and surfers with Newcastle 1233 ABC  radio’s Garth Russell link: 1233 ABC radio