Rainy in Sydney, clear in SB, tiny in both

Hello Friends, Looks like a rainy old morning with only tiny, weak looking bumps scudding into the beaches of Sydney. It was around 1.6 metres at 9 seconds from the SE as of 0700, so there should be a few knee high plus bumps at optimal exposures, however the Bureau says swell could start bumping […]

Waist high in Sydney, Knee high in Santa Barbara

Hello Friends, Sunny with northerly wind before 0800 in Sydney. Swell is 1.6 m at 11 seconds from the SSE, so best exposures should see at least waist high. Low tide was at 0725 and high will be around 1325. Wave energy looks like sticking around the metre mark all day and into tomorrow. From […]

Cali sunshine and very small

Hello Friends, Swell in Sydney looks to have cogged down a notch during the nighttime hours and as of 0600 was 1.5 metres from the SE at 9 seconds apart. So if you got waves yesterday, go back there again today and you should still get a little something. Continues to be very small in […]

Santa Barbara scenes

Hello Friends, I’m fetched up on the shores of California once more. And is it ever tiny. Most places are so microscopic that they could not possibly be surfed. And where there are waves, for the most part it’s in the ankle to knee high range. But, as can happen at this time of year, […]