Dropping away

Hello Friends, A much faded swell and sunny skies over the beaches at 0700 (but cloud lurking offshore). Outlook is for the swell to bump along at around the metre mark through the day. As of 0600 the MHL buoy was showing nearly 1.5 metres of 9-sec SE swell. Wind was minimal and the Bureau […]

Energy on tap

Hello Friends, Waves for intermediate on up skill levels this morning at Dee Why (and most everywhere else that likes 2 metres of 16-sec SSE swell). Tide was high for the early and will get to low at 1230. Wind is going to be light and variable for the early session before gradually coming around […]

Really small this morning, maybe later

Hello Friends, No sign of any swell just yet, but the forecast says we should get something with the change to south wind around lunch time. Yeah, great. Protected corners only, but not too protected because the ¬†swell doesn’t look like having a long enough period or enough east to really get into said spots. […]

Still very tiny at Dee Why

Hello Friends, No significant change to conditions this morning. Swell is out of the south at under a metre with an average period of close to 14 seconds. You might find a knee high something at a more exposed spot, but the earlier you go the better because tide’s coming into a high at 1130 […]

Still waiting on Huey

Hello Friends, High overcast this morning made for dull lighting conditions when I took the pic of the utter lack of activity at Dee Why. A good day to be at work or school or otherwise making yourself useful. The 0700 MHL data shows a touch over half a metre of 13.8 second bump from […]

Tiny offerings

0930 update: Hello Friends, Just saw Manly and Curly and can report that as of 0900 there were some chest high sets at both places. At Manly it was all up the Queensie end and at Curly it appeared to be right along the beach. There seemed to be a reasonable wait for the rideable […]

Unexpected waves for Tuesday morning

Hello Friends, Midday update: Some nice waves to be had this morning at Manly, Curly and Dee Why (see pic below). I stopped at the latter to grab a snap or two and ended up sticking around for 45 minutes or so from 0900-0945. The 340 odd pics are on their way into my galleries, […]

Too big to think about Dee Why

Hello Friends, Well, you can forget Dee Why for now. Close to 5.5 metres of SSE swell with an average period of around 13 seconds combined with 15-20 kts of westerly and sub-10 degree air temps as of 0700. Set wave faces would be comfortably into the triple overhead range so the point was mostly […]