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Shark attack Avalon Sunday morning

Posted by: on March 1st, 2009

According to the SMH, 15-year-old Andrew Lindop has come through surgery and is in good spirits. The bite, says the Herald went through to the bone. But the tourniquet applied by his father (see our original report below) and possibly the fact he was wearing a steamer, likely saved his life.   Best wishes for a quick recovery.

The reaction on RealSurf forums.

The Story as covered by the Sydney Morning Herald.

The story as covered by Channel 9.

How we covered this on Sunday…

No details beyond the following: Man and son surfing Avalon. Son bitten by shark with extensive injuries on upper legs. Airlifted to hospital.

ABC NEWS RADIO: shark attack Avalon report

RealSurf reporter PB just happened to be in Avalon a few minutes after the report came on the radio. He spoke to a group of people who knew the injured lad. PB was told that the attack occurred at around 0630 this morning when the 15-year-old and his father were surfing at North Av. His father, Charles, a long time member of Avalon SLSC was able to tourniquet the injury almost immediately with a leggie and then get his son to the beach. A buggy from the SLSC came down to provide oxygen, first aid etc before it moved him to a location for evacuation. Bystanders report that the bite went through to the bone, but their opinion was that the boy was going to pull through.

All beaches from Bungan to Palm Beach are said to be closed

0900: updated story on ABC news radio:
0900 update on Avalon Shark attack : ABC News Radio

1200: surfer described as stoic, rated pain as 10 out of 10, ABC News Radio
Avalon shark attack: noon update (1/3/09) from ABC News radio
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