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VIDEO: Sth Narrabeen tow-ins this morning (Weds)

Posted by: on August 1st, 2012

Spent awhile watching and shooting the crazy persons towing in to crunching double plus overhead waves at south Narrabeen. Long wait for waves, so I only came away with a small gallery (to be posted later). I also fired up the video mode on my Nikon D7000 and grabbed a few somewhat shaky* clips for your amusement. (*I was shooting handheld with a heavy 300mm lens!)

Pics by Don: Saturday South Narra tow-ins, North Narra smokin’, Manly styling

Posted by: on June 6th, 2011

If Friday was astounding, Saturday was every bit as good! I started proceedings by shooting a tow-in crew working the otherwise unmakeable shutdowns along South Narrabeen from about 0800 to 0850. Then it was on to Northy to shoot the very substantial crowd surfing in essentially perfect conditions. If you were in the water there between 0900-1015 and you caught a wave, there is a very good chance I caught you doing it! After lunch, I made my way to Manly and shot the outstanding waves there between 1300-1430.

As always, clicking the pics below will take you to the relevant gallery – and remember, all pictures are for sale!

South Narrabeen tow-ins 0800-0850 – 90 pics

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North Narrabeen 0850-1015 – 523 pics!

Click pic above to see the North Narrabeen gallery

Manly 1330-1430 – 159 pics

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VID: ABC TV story about Tasmanian Surf Life Saving Association teaching big wave survival skills

Posted by: on June 28th, 2010

How’s this for a concept? The Tasmanian Surf Life Saving Association is going to teach big wave chasers “safety survival skills to help them when out in the water”. You can check out the video news item on the ABC’s website by clicking here.

Oceaneye – Bungan off the richter!

Posted by: on May 14th, 2009
Bungan off the richter!

Bungan off the richter!

Photo: Bungan Beach off the richter! Yesterday.
Still plenty of fantastic waves today. Size around if you look for it. 3-4 and clean. Yesterday was just maddness though! Hope you all experienced a bit of it. Even if it was only from the beach! Check out our Bungan archive gallery at