1700: a few Collaroy pics

Hi all, Out on an errand… had the camera with and was curious to see if the wind change from ESE to more SE was making Collaroy look any more interesting. I’d say it’d definitely cleaned up compared to lunchtime. The main break was still pretty soft and flabby, but down toward the stormwater pipe […]

Mid-arvo update: Bower & Collaroy

Hello Friends, (Buncha extra pics in this post) Not many choices around this afternoon. 20-25kts of SSE wind is doing over the 8sec, 3 metre ese swell. I spent a couple hours waiting for picture opportunities at the Bower this morning. Long wait between the good ones, and at that stage the wind was tearing […]

Checkin’ it out Dee Why and Curl Curl

Technology and your correspondent have a problematic relationship. This should have been online an hour ago, but the touchpad on my notebook decided to stop working… oh well. After looking at Northy, I had a quick squizz at Long Reef. Wind was coming straight into it and there didn’t really seem to be much of […]

South Narra and Longy

Just been out and about running a few errands and, as usual, I had the camera along. What a fine morning it was too. The swell is definitely fading away, but there were still plenty of waves to be found about the place. I spotted a small group near Albert Street, Narrabeen just after 0830 […]