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Out and about

Posted by: on October 14th, 2013

Bower sheltered but...

Froth burger

Hiding to nothing

Wave of the morning?

Ride the Wild Surf

Where the swell's hitting

Out and about this morning and checked everywhere from Manly to North Narra. Bower was flat, Manly was scrappy but sort of do-able considering, Freshy was a case of NUP!, Curly – do you have to even ask?, Dee Why point swell not connecting, up the beach too much work for too little pay off, Collaroy, fat, slow and small per usual, far north Collaroy/way south Narra, cleanest of the bunch, very inconsistent though, Northy – yeah, right.

I’ve got a black page of doom to build, so see you on the other side!

Scrappy photo collection from Monday

Posted by: on August 13th, 2012

Went for a surf at Dee Why point this morning. Had the little water camera with me and grabbed a few snaps. Conditions were rather lumpy and bumpy. The morning offshores had turned around to the east and were kinda junking up the surface. There were still a few reasonable size sets and while they had some energy, for whatever reason, the point was just not coming together on most of them. After I got out I took a detour down to Manly where a reliable source told me he’d been earlier shacked off his nut or words to that effect. By the time I got there at midday, the joint was looking just as messy and sloppy as Dee Why.

Anyway, herewith a few snaps:





Monday wrap

Posted by: on February 9th, 2009

Your correspondent managed to jag a few rather fun waist to chest high waves at the Bower around low tide. Manly was bigger and more intense looking when I went by a little before lunch, but I sorta felt like catching a few little ones at the Bower, so went there instead.

Wind was offshore there and in the south corner at Manly (which at one point was looking very tasty indeed).

Sadly, I don’t have any water snaps for you because my little water camera, after a couple years of faithfully accompanying me on virtually every surf, has blinked out. Salt build up in a seal that I hadn’t noticed.

Coming back through Manly, I was held up at the Corso lights, so I pointed my camera at the Bower and amazingly actually got a shot of someone on one of the little ones.

1530 and still a few coming through for those unafraid of rocks.

1530 and still a few coming through for those unafraid of rocks.

Tandem surf team van-ing it around Oz.

Tandem surf team van-ing it around Oz.

After getting out of the water, I happened to fall into conversation with a couple who I’d talked to early in the water. It turns out that they’re (among many other things) a couple of Normandy natives who are out from France doing the travelling around Oz and surfing thing. Fred and Aurelie Branger are into tandem surfing and SUP riding and like everyone, they have their own website called nalu-surf where you can read about their wide ranging water activities.

Anyway, they’re putting on a few Tandem and SUP classes whilst they’re in Sydney, at least some of which are in association with the Mighty Matt Grainger of the famous Manly Surf School. Their next event, I believe, is on the Valentines Day weekend. Check out the details here (and dig Aurelie’s great graphic design).